New longitudinal seam welding system for our production

We continuously invest in our production to always be at the cutting edge of technology. We are therefore pleased to announce our latest acquisition: a state-of-the-art longitudinal seam welding machine with automatic feed for piping. Thanks to this advanced machine, we are able to further improve our production capacity and quality. The precision and automation offered by this equipment allows us to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency. This means that we can provide you with products of even better quality. These improvements not only benefit our customers, but also strengthen our competitiveness.

The line also has a lot to offer technically! Our longitudinal seam welding line is specially designed for tubes with diameters between 140 mm and 1,200 mm. With a maximum weld seam length of 2,000 mm, we can also process large pipes without any problems. The line is optimized for processing both stainless steel and black material, allowing us to respond flexibly to different requirements.

With the introduction of this new machine, we are setting another milestone in our industrial production. The combination of precision, automation and expanded production capacities enables us to offer our customers tailor-made solutions.

We are excited about the possibilities this longitudinal welding machine opens up for us and would like to continue presenting you with innovative solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our expanded capabilities.