Manufacturing of Running Wheels for a Rotary furnace

Manufacturing of Running Wheels for a Rotary furnace

– Production of 4 running wheels for the rotary furnace
– Use of steel profiles for the frame with coating
– Utilization of SDI steel bearing housings with spherical roller bearings (provided by the customer) for the loose and fixed bearings
– Pre-assembly of the axle with the wheel by the customer
– Pre-assembly of the bearings with the axle, wheel, and frame by Reimann GmbH
– Use of wooden substructures for transportation to protect the bearings
– Dimensions: Wheel with a diameter of Ø1500mm and a width of 550mm, axle with a diameter of Ø400mm and a length of 1560mm
– Total weight per unit of the running wheel is approximately 10 tons

Melting furnace 2

Customer: Aluminum Industry

Voerde, Germany
Manufacturing of three aluminum melting furnaces in Voerde
Reimann GmbH undertakes the task of manufacturing three impressive aluminum melting furnaces in Voerde. From precise 3D scans to on-site assembly, the company leverages its expertise.

– Ø7000 mm diameter, 4255 mm height, 48 tons weight
– Production in the workshop in Mönchengladbach
– Demolition and scrapping of the old system by Reimann
– Assembly of the new melting furnace system, including furnace doors, gas control system, pipelines, and burner systems
– Successful handover of the first melting furnace in November 2023
– Next assembly scheduled for February 2024, completion by April 2024

Stainless steel drip tray

Customer: Steel Industry

Manufacturing of a stainless steel catchment tray to secure leaks in the pickling process, Dimensions: 14.0 x 2.8 x 1.2m (L x W x H), Material: 1.4571. All welds were 100% inspected according to WHG §99. Assembly was carried out by our employees at the customer’s facility.

Oven cover

Customer: Steel Industry

For a customer in the field of extrusion and precision forging products (copper alloy), we are manufacturing an oven hood, including statics, production, and on-site installation. Material: S355JR and 16Mo3.

Flue gas mixer

Northern Germany

REIMANN manufactures four flue gas mixers for a customer from northern Germany. Material: S235JR+N and 1.4571.

Flue gas ducts, secondary air ducts

Customer: Sugar producer, NRW

Reimann is supplying several flue gas ducts, secondary air ducts, combustion air ducts and steel platforms for a sugar producer in the region. The materials used are sheet steel made of S235JR+N, 16Mo3 and stainless steel sheet 1.4571. The entire system is painted with a special coating in accordance with the end customer’s specifications. Total weight is approx. 50.0 tonnes

Assemblies for steelworks

Customer: Steel industry (Texas/USA)

Reimann supplied over 920 assemblies for a steelworks in the USA (Texas). The order involved the delivery of pipe brackets, valve panels, pipework, measuring stands and air systems.

Production of 12 burner fittings

Hamburg, Germany

Customer: Energy Industry Company (Energy Supply, Refineries, Waste Management)

For over 57 years, the company has been a reliable partner in the field of combustion technology for large boiler systems.
The manufactured fittings are used in complex systems as “control stations,” “burner valve stations,” “control air stations,” “feed stations,” “ignition gas stations,” as well as “pressure reducing stations.” Extensive documentation is required for all stations, which is monitored and controlled through multiple inspections at Reimann. The customer handles the assembly of the units themselves.

Flue gas duct

NRW, Germany

Customer: Company in the energy industry

Flue gas ducts are required to channel flue gases produced during the combustion of fossil fuels through the plant, e.g. to the chimney

.Made from 25 tonnes of 16Mo3. The clear width of the deflector is 3500x7000mm with a jump to 3500x8100mm. Overall dimensions are 12m x 5.2m x 8.5m. The channel was preserved with an anti-corrosion coating for interim storage

Construction time: workshop 3.5 weeks incl. trial assembly

Special vacuum systems

NRW, Germany
Engineering and production of a new prototype machine frame alpha700P (PVD vacuum coating system). The predecessor model was also manufactured by Reimann. Further information in our press release!

Customer: voestalpine eifeler-Vacotec GmbH

Function of the systems: PVD hard material coating using arc evaporation is carried out at temperatures < 450 °C. The arc process technology achieves excellent adhesive strength without loss of hardness, distortion or changes to the microstructure of the base material.Product data sheet Alpha700P-EN (.pdf)

Dimensions: Engineering and production of enclosures, sheet metal, edging and welding work, surface treatment, assembly. Dimensions: LxWxH = 4000x1600x2500mm

Other information: Housing is multi-coloured, laminated, Makrolon pane curved, housing can be divided into two parts (power supply unit at the back, vacuum chamber at the front), multi-line front door, designer project, collaboration in the design phase, collaboration in the problem phase and prevention

Fabrication of a substructure of a scrap conveyor belt

Al-Jubail, Ras Al-Khair Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Customer: SMS Group Hilchenbach

Final customer: Alcoa and Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma áden)

Site of installation: Al-Jubail, Ras Al-Khair Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Data: Construction length: 25.6m, height of construction, 9.2m, width: 1.4m
Weight: steel structure: 11.0 tonnes, apron conveyor: 6.8 tonnes
Chain speed: 0.5-0.7m/s
Max. Belt tension: approx. 110KN

Fresh water and faeces tank

Marine technology
Production of a fresh water and faeces tank

Content: 6.0m³ per tank
Dimensions: 1.7 x 3 x 1.3m (W x L x H)
Material: 1.4571 (V4A)
Pickled surface

All weld seams were tested using the PT method and a pressure test was carried out at 0.15 bar over 24 hours.

Aluminium preheating oven


Aluminium industry
Production and assembly of 4 aluminium preheating furnaces

Customer: Well-known aluminium producer
Construction time: 10 months
Tonnage: 390 tonnes (record project)

Chilled oven rolls

Plant and mechanical engineering
288 cooled furnace rollers for transporting aluminium sheets through a continuous furnace. Cleaning the bearing seats. Assembly of spherical roller bearings. Application of a special preservative


Customer: Well-known company
Roller: Weight approx. 600 kg,
Length: 4500 mm, Ø 340 mm
Per roller: two discs made of heat-resistant stainless steel (1.4828)


Oleicola, Spain
Pipeline, V-funnel, flue gas duct
Customer: Well-known industrial company
Construction time: 7 months
Tonnage: 50 tonnes

pushing furnace


Neuss, Germany
Renovation of pusher furnace
Client: Well-known company in the aluminium industry
Construction time: 4 months prefabrication,
1 month assembly in 24-hour operation
Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 5.4 m (L x W x H)

Heat exchanger

Chemical industry
Production of heat exchangers
Customer: Well-known company in the chemical industry
24-hour operation
Tonnage: 32 tonnes
A total of 222 tubes with a diameter of 88.9 mm were used.

underfloor manifold


Düsseldorf area, Germany
Production of 29 underfloor manifolds made from stainless steel
Blasted glass bead surfaces

Customer: Well-known manufacturer of electrical components
Areas of application: Marketplaces, underground car parks, industrial halls