Reimann: Positive outlook for 2023

Industrial manufacturer from Mönchengladbach starts new year with three major orders. Capacity utilization secured until 2024.

Mönchengladbach, 11.01.2023 – Reimann GmbH is starting the year 2023 with a positive outlook for 2023 and three major orders. The industrial manufacturer was able to secure three orders in the furnace renovation sector in the year-end spurt. Capacity utilization is thus secured until the beginning of 2024 thanks to the new orders.

2022: Positive annual results despite energy crisis

“A difficult year in 2022 has come to a good end. We received no less than three major orders shortly before Christmas. “, reports Jürgen Kreutzer, Managing Director of Reimann GmbH. “As an energy-intensive company, we were naturally affected by the increased energy prices both on the customer side and in our own production. Our customers were therefore cautious in the second half of the year. However, we used the time to optimize internal processes and expand our energy supply in the area of photovoltaics. We are therefore well equipped for the coming year,” Kreutzer continues.

Major orders for pusher furnace refurbishment and conversion of three industrial furnaces

Reimann GmbH was commissioned with the refurbishment of a pusher furnace in Belgium. For this order alone, around 20,000 individual parts will be assembled. In the course of the refurbishment, the outer shell of the furnace will be partially reworked and the complete interior will be remanufactured and the insulation replaced. The order will be manufactured and assembled over a period of 10 months.

Another order involves the modification of three industrial furnaces in the course of a capacity expansion in Germany. Reimann is changing the volume and structure of the furnaces. For the conversion of the furnaces, around 150 tons of partly heat-resistant material will be processed and prefabricated at Reimann over a period of approx. 14 months. The subsequent assembly takes place on site at the customer.

Investment in photovoltaic system

In response to the energy crisis and increased electricity costs, Reimann GmbH is expanding the existing photovoltaic plant. The work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023. “Thanks to the expanded capacity, we will be able to cover around 85% of our electricity requirements in production and administration via our photovoltaic system, which is located on our hall roofs. This will enable us to absorb a large part of the additional costs caused by the rise in energy prices, says Jürgen Kreutzer.

About Reimann GmbH

Reimann GmbH is an industrial manufacturer and, with its high-quality products, has been one of the most important suppliers for German and European mechanical and plant engineering for 50 years. With the claim “excellence in industrial solutions”, the company combines the claim to be a competent and reliable partner for customers and to offer innovative solutions.

Under the leadership of owner and managing director Jürgen Kreutzer, Reimann has developed in just under 10 years from a steel fabricator to an industrial fabricator and specialist in the refurbishment of industrial furnaces. The family business takes on complex industrial projects in the business areas of industrial furnaces, technical insulation, stainless steel fabrication, boiler fabrication, pipeline construction, steel construction and sheet metal processing for national and international customers. In addition to on-site maintenance and assembly work, prefabrication in the company’s own production halls at its headquarters in Mönchengladbach is a core competence of Reimann GmbH.

Reimann GmbH’s customers include well-known companies and groups such as Aluminium Norf GmbH, GE Grid, Constellium, TRIMET Aluminium SE, Novelis, ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel BV, Martinrea Honsel Germany GmbH, Otto Fuchs, SMS group GmbH, RWE, ThyssenKrupp or Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH.

For more information, visit www.reimann-gmbh.com.

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