Aluminum 2022: Reimann GmbH presents portfolio around furnace renovation

Mönchengladbach-based industrial manufacturer shows innovation in furnace renovation: conversion of existing plants to electric heating drives energy transition in industry.

Mönchengladbach, August 02, 2022 – From September 27 to 29, 2022, Reimann GmbH will present its portfolio of services related to the renovation of existing furnace plants in the industry at Aluminium 2022, the world’s leading B2B platform for the aluminum industry. Reimann will present the latest developments in the field of conversion of existing plants to electric heating.

Innovations under the sign of the energy transition

Energy efficiency and resource efficiency remain high on the list of priorities for industry. Moving away from natural gas as an energy source has also become a top priority. The aim to decarbonize processes and recent developments due to the war between Russia and Ukraine are forcing the industry to turn its back on natural gas as an energy source as soon as possible. “Furnace renovation is one of the most important future fields for Reimann GmbH. That is why we have been continuously investing in our own innovations in the field of furnace renovation for years,” explains Jürgen Kreutzer, Managing Director of Reimann GmbH. “Currently, we offer our customers to use resistance heaters as a possible solution,” explains Jürgen Kreutzer. Reimann assumes that electrical process heat generation and, in particular, resistance heating will soon play a decisive role in modernizations and new plants.

Induction heating and resistance heating as possible solutions

In aluminum foundries, inductive melting and homogenization in resistance-heated furnaces are examples of this, but resistance-heated die heating and aging furnaces as well as billet heating furnaces with inductive heating are also already widely used in aluminum extrusion plants due to very good temperature control. The retrofitting of industrial furnaces with electric heating elements and the optimum use of regenerative energies do not ensure an increase in production, and no cost savings for furnace operators can be expected in the near future – but they ultimately benefit the environment.

Reimann offers equipment of resistance heaters

Reimann GmbH, as one of the leading suppliers for renovation, modernization and service of industrial furnace plants, takes this trend into account by adding the manufacture and repair of resistance heaters as well as the conversion of existing plants from natural gas to electric heating to its portfolio. Among other things, it is planned to train selected employees in the processing, in particular welding, of metallic heating conductor materials and thus to be able to manufacture electric heating elements and coils. In the field of electrical engineering, including switchgear construction and software, Reimann relies on strong partners so that customers receive full service from a single source.

For several years now, Reimann has been focusing on furnace renovation. Reimann handles complex projects for well-known customers in the industry – including the renovation of pusher-type and pusher-type furnaces as well as continuous annealing furnaces and plants. The fact that renovation of industrial furnaces is much more cost-effective than new construction is only one aspect. Refurbished furnaces work just as efficiently as new ones if they are suitably insulated and equipped with new heating technology. Visitors can be convinced of the advantages of renovation on site, in Hall 7A, at Stand D08.