Reimann in demand worldwide: major order for high-tech continuous furnace for US market and pusher-type furnace rehabilitation in the Rhineland region

Industrial manufacturer from Mönchengladbach secures two major orders from renowned companies.

Mönchengladbach, 29.09.2023 – Reimann GmbH has recently received a significant order: the production of a continuous furnace for a well-known machine manufacturer. The entire production of this plant will take place locally in Mönchengladbach before it is subsequently shipped to the USA.

Innovative belt floatation dryer revolutionizes aluminum processing

It is a strip floatation dryer, designed for the non-contact drying and curing of aluminum strips in horizontal flow. The strip is carried solely by air jets, ensuring a flawless surface finish to the highest standards. The plant is located in Columbus, Mississippi, USA.

Precision in production: insight into the technical specifications

The technical specifications of this impressive plant are impressive.

With a total weight of 128 tons (excluding add-on parts such as motors and fans), it impresses with its robust construction of laser-cut and folded sheet metal, with thousands of individual parts having to be precisely assembled. In terms of dimensions, the plant extends over a length of 52.5 meters, a width of 5.5 meters and a height of 3.05 meters.

The plant is divided into a total of 7 zones, each consisting of 7 aggregate and channel zones, which are assembled on site with the highest precision. The use of high quality stainless steel 1.4301 with a pickled surface, which guarantees not only excellent performance but also a long service life, is to be emphasized.

Quality meets efficiency: prefabrication and assembly in perfection

Particular attention is paid to the prefabrication of the individual zones at Reimann’s production facility in Mönchengladbach. This includes the assembly of all components, including insulation, doors, air nozzles, adapters, spiral housing and nozzle duct, which ensures the highest quality and efficiency.

Schedule in view: Project start, lead time and assembly start

The project was started in September 2023 and is designed for a lead time of 10 months, with final acceptance at Reimann in Mönchengladbach. Assembly work will start in October 2024 and finally the components will be transported to the USA by ship.

Pusher furnace refurbishment at aluminum producer in the Rhineland region

In addition, Reimann GmbH was commissioned with the partial refurbishment of a pusher furnace on behalf of an aluminum producer in the Rhineland. For this order alone, around 10,000 individual parts will be assembled. The order will be manufactured and assembled over a period of 5 months.