Reimann initiates new project “Melting Furnace 2” in Voerde

Reimann GmbH is delighted to announce a new contract for the “Melting Furnace 2” project in Voerde. This significant undertaking involves the manufacturing of three aluminum melting furnaces, with Reimann contributing its extensive expertise in engineering and plant construction.

The contract begins with a meticulous on-site analysis of the current situation using a precise 3D scan. The data obtained serves as the basis for creating CAD drawings of the melting furnace and its components. With an impressive diameter of Ø7000mm and a height of 4255mm, the entire system weighs a considerable 48 tons.

The actual production of the melting furnace, pipelines, and components takes place in Reimann’s workshop in Mönchengladbach. Additionally, the company is responsible for the dismantling and disposal of the old melting furnace system and refractory lining. The assembly of the new system includes the melting furnace itself, furnace doors, the gas control system, pipelines, the exhaust duct, and burner systems.

The first melting furnace was successfully handed over to the customer on November 1, 2023. The second melting furnace is scheduled for installation in February 2024 and is expected to be completed by April of the same year.

Reimann GmbH is proud to be part of this significant project, leveraging its years of experience in plant construction to exceed customer expectations.