Successful completion of the “VV07” project: refurbishment of a pusher furnace at an aluminum processor in Belgium

The project to refurbish the pusher furnace “VV07” at an aluminum processing company in Belgium was successfully completed within the planned time frame and handed over to the customer on schedule. Reimann started the project on August 28, 2023 and successfully completed it on October 9, 2023. A total of 10,400 working hours were invested.

The renovation of the pusher furnace included the dismantling and renewal of various components. Among other things, new insulation and a renewed inner lining were completed. Our company is pleased to report that the project had no LTI/LTA (Lost Time Injuries/Lost Time Accidents) or defects.

The successful implementation of the project was the result of the dedicated work of our team led by Johannes Just. During the installation phase, all components of the pusher-type furnace were dismantled, including the internal sheet metal, old insulation, burner and supply and exhaust air ducts. This was followed by the reassembly and optimization of the furnace interior.

The challenging assembly phase required close cooperation and expertise from various partners, including HTAix and AIXTec. Together, they formed the basis for the efficient implementation of the project.

The rebuild of the pusher furnace enabled a technically high-quality and energetically improved use in the existing production process. This measure helps to overcome the challenges of energy costs, strongly fluctuating prices and inflation faced by Aluminum Duffel and similar companies.

Once again, it was clear that the successful implementation of this project was only possible thanks to the commitment and expertise of our stove technology team at Reimann. Special thanks go to Johannes, Janos, Milan, Vladimir, Sergej and Vladimir as well as all other active members who contributed to the successful implementation of this project.

The successful “VV07” project is another milestone in the history of Reimann GmbH. It underlines the technical expertise and commitment of our company in the refurbishment of industrial furnaces and systems.